Our work safety services consist of three basic components.

1. Identification and management of risks

This involves the inspection of workplaces, machinery, dedicated technical systems, the handling and storage of material, analysis of previous work injuries and occupational illnesses, use of electricity, evaluation of ergonomic factors for certain job positions, assessment of the suitability of personal protective equipment and much more.

2. Prevention

Initial and regular training and testing of employees in various areas of occupational health and safety, conducting of regular inspections, review of all inspection certifications and competencies for machine operation, proposal of risk reduction measures etc.

3. Recordkeeping

We review all current documentation and also draft all necessary new documentation. This concerns, for example, documentation of training and authorization, inspections and reviews, work injuries, records of personal protective equipment, instruction manuals and even operations guidelines.

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We advise you in the area of work safety

Don’t underestimate your work safety obligations. Don’t lose valuable time studying all the regulations. Just put the burden of work safety on us. Write us. We will get back to you within 24 hours and agree on the next steps to be taken.