Buying companies

Assistance in buying a specific company or looking for interesting companies to buy are the two most common requests we get from investors.

We can help you with an acquisition from start to finish

Just as when selling a company, when acquiring companies we can guide you through the process from the initial search for suitable candidates, the assessment of these company, all negotiations, assistance with due diligence, preparation of legal documents, to the change of ownership in the commercial registry.

Even the acquisition of companies bears inherent risk

Buying a company is a complicated process that involves risk when doing it on your own. We make sure that you won’t be faced with any unpleasant surprises or problems after the acquisition.

When buying companies we stick to our company principles – discretion, transparency and professionalism. You will meet with our company executives, who take an individualized approach and are always on your side.

Additional detailed information on company acquisitions is clearly presented for you on our website.

We will be glad to meet with you in person

Do you want to buy a company in a certain field or region? Tell us about it. We will find prospective candidates and contact them. Would you like to be represented in negotiations for the acquisition of a particular company? We’re perfect for the job.





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