We have many satisfied clients

During the past 20 years of buying and selling companies, we have helped many business owners. We have mediated the sale and acquisition of dozens of companies, together worth over a billion crowns. None of our transactions has ever been invalidated or subject to litigation.

We have also had great success with crisis consulting. Our crisis management and recommendations have saved their fair share of companies from insolvency and liquation.

We’ll tell you more in person

Discreet behavior is the most important component of acquisition and crisis consulting. Owners of successful companies and those experiencing a crisis are not interested in publicity. And that is why it is our sacred rule not to present our clients publicly on our website or elsewhere.

We will be happy to provide specific references regarding the sale and acquisition of companies or crisis consulting upon request at a meeting in person.

We will be happy to provide references

Leave us a message here. Well get back to you within 24 hours and schedule a personal meeting where we can take a look at our references.




What area can we help you with?

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