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Jindřich Sedláček | Omega - Prodáváme firmy

Jindřich Sedláček

company executive

Jindřich Sedláček is a company executive and co-owner.

Jindřich has been working in the field of acquisitions and crisis consulting for more than 20 years. He specializes in negotiating with owners during the sale of companies and helping entrepreneurs with crisis consulting and management.

   +420 608 535 333

Vladimír Erben | Omega - Prodáváme Firmy

Vladimír Erben

company executive

Vladimír Erben has been working in the field of corporate consulting for more than 20 years and is a company executive and co-owner.

He focuses particularly on negotiating with investors during the sale and acquisition of companies. His many years of experience are also invaluable for crisis consulting.

   +420 608 535 335

Jan Skřička | Omega - Prodáváme Firmy

Jan Skřička

company executive

Jan Skřička is the newest executive at Omega. His gained his economic, legal and entrepreneurial experience at a multi-national corporation, where he reached the management level, and also from his own business activities.

His primary expertise is in negotiating with owners who want to sell their business. He also represents owners at meetings with investors and guides them through the entire sales process.

   +420 773 058 883

Michal Kišš | Omega - Prodáváme firmy

Michal Kišš

financial analyst

Michal Kišš is the specialist on our team for the financial analysis and reporting of companies that have been bought or sold. In addition, he is in charge of corporate crisis analysis. He is well versed in financial and business analysis, as well as accounting, taxes and controlling.

   +420 608 332 292

Poradenství a školení BOZP a PO | OMEGA Prostějov

Fire and work safety team

Fire and work safety consulting and training is provided by our team of experienced fire and work safety consultants. Our team of safety technicians consists of:

Jan Zabořil, František Popelka, Dušan Nechvátal a Vladimír Svoboda

   +420 608 332 290
   +420 582 333 800